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Personal Projects, Looking for Participants

Personal Projects

This past fall, I went to an amazing conference and was able to spend some time with photojournalists I have admired for years. My pull to photography was always about photojournalism at the heart of it. To tell the stories of people and places and to ultimately raise awareness or bring about change with my photography.

With a family it's a lot harder to take off to some foreign country on my own and spend time on personal projects. But I am able to do that in my own backyard (or at least country). And so my two very personal projects are ready to be born and I am looking for families to participate. If your family would like to participate in either project please click on the link at the bottom of the page to contact me. I am looking for 6 families for each project.

Families with LGBTQ+ Children

I grew up in an era where many friends were afraid to come out to their parents, and AIDS was considered "a gay disease."  In college, I had friends broken and beaten simply for living their lives.  I now raise my children in a time where so many more people open their hearts along with their minds, and understand that LOVE IS LOVE. I want to be a part of growing this powerful love acceptance movement.  I want to help children celebrate their truth within what should be their safest communities - their families.  I want to show the world that while all children are different, we all share some common threads - no matter where we live or how we identify.

I am looking to document LGBTQ+ children and their families over the course of this year.   I want to spend at least one day every-other-month photographing families together and children on their own (if they are old enough), capturing your lives - the mundane and the extraordinary.  The world is a big place, and we're all navigating the ups and downs of growing and discovering who we are - and how best to love ourselves and each other.  I would love to share your child and your family's journey, and help us all find comfort in knowing we don't travel alone. 

If you would like to participate, I have a model release and contract for you to sign.  My hope is to tell your story, and ultimately to bring together the photographs and stories of all participating families. 

What will you get as a participating family? To get to tell your story, and ultimately at the end a book of photos and stories of all participating families.

Heart Warrior Kids

Congenital Heart Defects affect one in every 100 families, and I'm hoping to document a few families. I'm looking for families who have had a child recently diagnosed with a CHD, I want to be able to document your time together, some of your doctor/cardio visits, to be with you during surgeries and recovery and to document that time. 

I was born with Tetrology of Fallot which effects 1 in every 2518 babies. One of the things I don't have is any real knowledge of is what my life was like those first few years or what my parents went through, and I can only imagine that it must have been A LOT, emotionally and physically.

Heart warriors are amazing kids (and adults), and we are strong, but often the strength of our parents is in the shadows. I want to be able to document this time so when they grow up they know a bit more about this time  and emotion of their lives than what a medical report says.

What will you get as a participating family? To share your story, and ultimately at the end a book of photos and stories of all participating families.