Slice of Love Photography


Offerings and Pricing


Documentary Sessions*

 A Slice of Life (one hour) packages start at $650

A little bit longer (2 hour) packages start at $1100

Half-day (5 hour) packages start at $1550

A Day in the Life (wake up to bedtime) packages start at $2200

*all sessions include time, travel and either digital or print products

Birth Stories begin at $1800 (contact me about in-home birth pricing or ask about a registry)


With A Day in the Life Session,

I am there to be your family historian.

I will work hard to capture all of life's moments as they happen.

I will capture your story,

your life,

in all its ups and downs,

in all its beauty, 

from the time you wake up until bedtime.


With A Slice of Life Session,

I am there to be your storyteller,

for just a part of your day,

we can spend an hour in the kitchen baking,

go out to your favorite ice cream parlor for a treat,

play at the park, 

whatever memory you want to capture a snippet of, 

for all time.