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Hawkins-Sorenson Family | Slice of Love Photography - Bay Area Family Photographer

As a Bay Area Family Photographer it's always fun to head to one of the many unique neighborhoods that surround us. One of my most special shoots this year was this Piedmont family. I've known Anne for 16 years, she's an amazing mom and most of the time I don't know where she gets the energy to be as fun and creative a mom  as she is.  So when she emailed and said "I want you to do our family photos for our Christmas card this year" I couldn't say no. Most special to me, other than just getting to spend time with her, Jake and the kids, I got a chance to spend time with her mom. Who is like the best grandmother ever. I wish I had a grandma like her growing up. As a Bay Area Family Photographer, one of my favorite things is to find unique locations that  are meaningful to my clients, that fit their personalities, and of course make for great backgrounds. We decided to do the shoot on their Piedmont street, since the fall colors were in full effect, and luckily it's a quiet enough street, that the odds of us getting run over were pretty slim.  I think we ended up with some fantastic colors!

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