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Hines Family | Slice of Love Photography - NYC Family Photographer

Recently I was invited to photograph the Hines family in NYC! Even though home base is as a Bay Area family photographer, I adore travel. So jumping on a plane and going out to meet the family was not a hard decision to make. 

The Hines family live on the Upper East Side in a, gigantic by New York standards, 3 bedroom apartment.  They are an incredibly fun family.  Their kids are the most polite children I've ever met, and also the most crazy (in a good way).  While typical siblings in many ways, there's a very deep bond between them as well. A is a tough girl, she can hold her own with the boys and isn't afraid of anything. T is very protective of his little sister and no one better try and mess with her. I loved seeing the strength of their relationship through the course of the day. As a documentary photographer the one thing I do not do is direct any of what my clients are doing. The kids act like themselves and I'm just there to authentically document it and give the family an incredible album that represents their lives as it truly is.  Appropriately, today is A's 7th birthday, happy birthday you amazing girl! 

I am truly lucky to have the amazing NYC clients that I have and for them to choose me as their documentary family photographer.