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It's not easy, but it's worth it | Slice of Love Photography - Bay Area Family Photographer

You’re up at 4:45am. She’s crying “Momma! Momma!” and you go to her. She’s gotten sick all over herself. “Oh my darling,” you say to her. You quietly call for your partner to help strip the bed while you change her out of her vomit-soaked jammies and put her in a quick, warm bath. No. Hang on, you don’t call. It’s just you. You have to strip her bed, and get her washed up, but you can’t do both things at once, and in your sleep deprived and worried state, can’t see how you can do one thing without doing the other. But you do it. You pull off her jammies, carefully and buckle her in her bouncy chair. You take a warm washcloth and rinse her mouth, wash her face and hands, and put on a clean PJ set. You pull off the stained crib sheet, maybe you swear a little bit to yourself in your head because honestly those things are miserable to get off. You replace it with a clean sheet and turn to pick up your baby, who is now fast asleep in her bouncer. It’s a Wednesday, you have to be up in less than an hour, anyway, so you grab a blanket and doze next to her on the floor for an hour. She smiles that smile in her sleep, and you think to yourself, “I’ve got this.”

Mom and toddler daughter hugging on couch - Slice of Love Photography - Bay Area Family Photographer

Mom contacted me when her daughter was 16 months old for some photos of their life. She is an amazing single mom by choice, who does so much amazing work within the Bay Area community. I got to their Oakland family home just as mom had gotten home from teaching yoga. Babysitter was starting lunch for S and mom got home in time to take care of helping her eat her super healthy lunch.

Mom feeding daughter lunch - Slice of Love Photography - Bay Area Family Photographer

S wasn’t about to have a mellow Sunday, and as soon as lunch was done it was time to get dressed and get her hair done and head out for a neighborhood walk.

Child getting her hair put into a ponytail - Slice of Love Photography - Bay Area Family Photographer
Toddler girl taking a walk around the neighborhood - Slice of Love Photography - Bay Area Family Photographer

Once we returned home it was time for all the snuggles. With the mama and with the puppy. This is where the love shines through. Those moments of just the two of you, and you see and feel how much she looks up to you and how you are her entire world. This is what I love to show you as your family photographer. The things you don’t see because you are so wrapped up in the everyday. As a mom I know how hard it can be to take a moment to soak in the way your child looks at you, because your mind is so busy thinking of all the other things you need to do to keep your life running. Invite me in to photograph your family and make photos that document how loved you are. So on those hard days, you have something to ground you and remind you why you do this.

Daughter sitting on mom's lap on the couch - Slice of Love Photography - Oakland Family Photographer
Toddler girl and her dog - Slice of Love Photography - Bay Area Family Photographer
Toddler breastfeeding - Slice of Love Photography - East Bay Family Photographer

Slice of Love is a Bay Area family photographer.  She is the premier full-service Bay Area family photographer and focuses on creating images and products that will be cherished for generations.  She focuses her work on capturing your family's real memories as a documentary photographer. She also travels outside of San Francisco and the Bay Area for your family's sessions.