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A bit about me

When I think about how I want to remember my family, I tend to think of the everyday moments that can quickly slip away.

Holding hands as you walk to the park,

Kissing tears off chubby cheeks,

Evening snuggles and kisses goodnight...

But don't forget your imperfections either… 

Legos on the living room floor,  left from playing while breakfast was cooking,

the stuffed animals all over the bed,

the teenager glued to a cell phone,

the mismatched outfits. 


This is an opportunity to document your life unscripted, capture those real memories….

Authentically you.  Just as you are


my philosophy

Slice of Love Photography is about capturing those small moments.  The certain glance you give your loved one when you think no one is watching, the rush of love you feel when looking at your child, the tender sweet snuggle, and of course the goofball moments of your children as they grow.  

I also capture those expressions that are "so us". When you see your photos and are transported to that moment in time, when you laugh because they encapsulate you as you are, when your children giggle at the expressions they make. Those little things that make you, you.

We often wish that we could bottle up those precious moments with our families.  The bedtime stories, the soft little head on our shoulder, the burrowing of tiny bodies into our big safe arms. This is what I hope to do for you and your family.

Photo Credit: The amazing ladies at In Her Image Photography


Featured in:  Diablo Magazine - November 2017


Featured on Documentary Family Photographers Blog


October 27, 2017

August 1, 2017