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What People Have to Say

"Absolutely brilliant family photographer.  She has a knack for capturing the essence and the emotions of a moment.  She has done "Day in a Life" sessions for us and captured spur of the moment memories that are so much more meaningful than posed portraits." - Nancy H.

Walnut Creek Larkey Park Family Photography

"She did a phenomenal job capturing photos of our family! We have three kids (ranging in age from 3 to 8), all of whom tend to be camera-resistant. Past family photos we've taken have often looked forced, with the kids either wearing cheesy grins or refusing to smile. She suggested a kid-friendly outdoor setting (which helped enormously) and took the time to make sure everyone was comfortable before shooting any photos. She alternated between staying in the background to shoot natural interactions -- which allowed the boys to get into the spirit of the endeavor -- and suggesting a few poses. Because she took the time previously to let the boys warm up to her, she was able to capture natural, unforced smiles, even in the posed photos! I used one of the photos as our holiday card this year, as well as posted it to Facebook -- and I have NEVER had such a positive reaction to a picture before! Everyone agreed that photo really captured the spirit of our family. It is absolutely my favorite portrait we've ever taken! I cannot recommend her highly enough!"  - Brooke N.


"It is obvious she loves what she does. She spent 4 hours at my house photographing my dogs.  She was literally rolling around on the floor photographing nonstop. A few days later she sent the photos to me and I was amazed at what she captured. Her skills are quite impressive. She took seemingly innocuous photos and turned them into something spectacular. In one close up of my dog you could see each strand of his fur. In other photos old dirty stuffed toys looked warm and fuzzy and colors popped.  She has this unique ability to capture minute details and turn those details into something that is overlooked in everyday life." - Anna O.


"I can't even begin to say enough good things. I've used Slice of Love Photography twice now for a family session and one of my step-daughter & I. They came out stunning and now line the staircase. She was friendly and made us feel totally comfortable and got some great shots of my step daughter. 

You can sometimes just tell when a person is passionate and has a great eye and doesn't try to sell you the shot. She's beyond reasonable in her pricing (I actually think she's worth more but hey- that's why you can always add gratuity, right?) and her prints are high quality.

If you are considering this photographer, stop your search right now as you've found a diamond in the rough and a heart of gold in a woman. She's spunky and just all around lovely. And if someone is going to be up in your family's business, you should enjoy their presence. 

In the short form: She's hands down the best photographer we've used! I can't wait for our next session!!" - Krys M.