Slice of Love Photography
Bay Area Family Photographer


A few bits about me

  • Cheese and chocolate complete me. On a daily basis.
  •  I'm mom to three girls. There is very little your kids could do to shock me.
  • I also love cupcakes, full sized ones. None of that mini stuff
  • I've been in love with photography since the 6th grade when I chased my friends around taking their pictures.
  • I continued chasing friends around with a camera all through high school and college. 
  • My last quarter of college I took a photography class. Loved spending time in the darkroom developing film and watching the moments I captured come back to life. My professor told me I should think about photojournalism as a career choice. I had already been accepted to graduate school.
  • I regretted not following that path for many years. I never gave up on my photography. I was the newspaper photographer for our school paper, and of course still chased my friends around with a camera. 
  • When Slice of Love Photography officially launched, I was finally able to follow my passion photographing you and your families. I can't wait to meet you and yours!